Minerals Processing & Bulk Material Handling


Our slew bearings are supplied for stackers used in multiple applications including stacking of coal, iron ore, cereals and wood chips.


Our large diameter bearings are supplied for stand alone reclaimers or combination stacker reclaimers. Slew Bearings for these applications vary in design from single ball, ball roller combination or triple roller combinations.


Our slew bearings are supplied for shiploaders used to load various commodities.

Rock Crushers

Bearings supplied for standard crushers or combination crusher grapples, the bearing accommodates high impact loads and facilitates the manipulation of crushed rock.

Pelletising Mills

High circumferential speeds are achieved during rotation of these inclined mills, specialised triple roller bearings have been designed to accommodate these speeds and loads.


Slew Bearings can be manufactured for a full range of standard excavators, used in both the construction and mining industry.

Tower Cranes

Slew bearings connect the rotating upper structure to the tower base, and are able to accommodate a large turning moment.

Mobile Cranes

Slew Bearings can be manufactured for a full range of standard mobile cranes.


Wind Turbine Applications

Slew Bearings for pitching the 3 blades and for rotating the turbine can be supplied.

Telecommunications Industry

Satellite Communication

Preloaded bearings are supplied for these high precision applications.

Radar Applications

Preloaded bearings are supplied for these high precision applications.

Observatory Applications

Preloaded bearings are supplied for these high precision applications.

Liquid Solid Separation Process Equipment

Crystallisation Plants

Slew Bearings capable of delivering high torques are supplied for the sugar processing industry.

Water Treatment Plants

Slew bearings are supplied for oil bath designed lubrication or lubrication via traditional grease ports

Thickeners and Clarifiers

Slew bearings often drive large diameter rakes of up to 120 m in diameter.



High rotating speeds are accommodated through the use of specialised cages which house rolling elements.

Wood and Pulp Handling

Our slew bearings used across the entire processing chain including debarking, ground wood handling and chip storage.

Steel Foundries

Ladie Turntables

Slew bearings capable of handling high temperatures and supporting high axial loads are utilised for these applications.


Slew bearings supplied allow for full rotation and facilitate manipulation, high temperature resistant rolling elements and seals ensure long service life.

Vacuum Degassing

Specialized stainless steel water jackets housing the slew bearings facilitate the rotation of the vacuum degassing extraction ducts.


Vehicle Turntables

Horse and trailer applications, need turntables that facilitate rotation, TSR is able to provide the light series slew bearings.

Vehicle Displays

Bearings are supplied for rotating vehicle displays, used in car dealerships or specifically designed for motor shows.

Armoured Vehicles

Slew bearings that accommodate gun mounted turrets, or viewing decks are supplied with a military specification coating.

Marine Applications


Fully rotatable marine thrusters that are used for positioning of vessels, are supplied with marine certified slew bearings.

Marine Crane Applications

Slewing Rings for offshore applications are always subject to special approval requirements from the respective certifying authority, and can be supplied by TSR.

Marine Winches

Slew bearings drive the winches that are used for cable laying applications, they are also used for controlling seismic probes that scan the seabed.

General Engineering

Man Lifts

Small diameter slew rings are normally supplied which optimize space constraints on light commercial vehicles.

Bottling Plants

Slewing Rings, are used in machines for cleaning, filling, and labeling

Tube Welding Plants

Slew bearings are mounted vertically and allow for accurate welding of pipes or steel meshes.

Theme Parks and Entertainments

Amusement Park Rides

Our slew bearings provide a platform from which, exhilarating amusement rides can be designed with the assurance of safety.

Rotating Houses

Rotating houses that track the sun, or provide a continuously changing view rely on high quality slew bearings.

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